March 20th was a long time ago- PS, I still run



I got a new job

I ran a half marathon

I am training for my second full marathon

My little turned two

My big turned five

I enrolled in grad school


So, let’s start where we left off, shall we?

 On March 20th I was stuck at an 8 mile block. That increased a little, I finally got into double digit runs again in April. I ran 13 three weeks ago, 11 last week and I am planning on 14 tomorrow.

I haven’t yet committed to a full marathon, but I am training like I have for one November 1st.

I finished my worst half marathon in July. It was so.damn.humid. I just… I just died. Even though I had run 11 the week before that, I started intervals at 7 miles that day. I was BAD.

To make matters worse, my time didn’t even show up, it looks like I DNF- I have the medal to prove I did though!

What I am doing to train… I am following my plan from last time around with some tweaks.. I just can’t fit anymore than 8 or 9 miles in on a work day unless I start running at 4 AM (NO.) Just by that fact alone, my mileage will be ever so slightly lower than last time.

I am going to be better about speed work this time. Right now, my second run of the week is speed work. I have been doing a 20 minute warm up and then intervals followed by a cool down. It has been difficult, but I know I need it if I want to get closer to the 4 hour goal time.

Personal Stuff

I got a new job. I had worked at my only job for 7 years, it was time. The industry (for profit education) has been struggling. Personally, I had been struggling…it was time. I now work at a College. Said college said I needed my Master’s Degree within a few years… so in the fall I start at Northeastern on my Master’s of Education focusing on Higher Education Administration. It is going to be a ROUGH 2016. That is the other reason I haven’t committed to the marathon yet. I am scared I will need my run time to be my grad school assignment time. I can’t see giving up running…I think I would rather give up sleep 😉

My little… is big

little big

Wish me luck on my 14ish tomorrow…


The mileage wall

I am starting to get out of my rut; I can feel it.

Suddenly, I really WANT to run again, like, a lot.

I ran on Sunday this week (I never run on Sunday), I ran 7 miles on Sunday. I ran 8 miles today. I have had some kind of CRAZY mental block on going past 7 miles for weeks and weeks now. I have NO idea where it came from.

Whatever… it is gone.

Not only did I run 7 miles, BUT  I did three hill repeats in there as well, and damn if it didn’t feel GOOD.

That brings me to 27 miles for the week, the highest I have been in a while. What is great about that, is that I can’t wait to get it back into the 40-50 miles per week range, I am craving it, I need it.

I am looking forward to a double digit run next weekend, if I can do 8, I can do 10, so next Saturday will be a ten mile run. That will be my first one since my marathon (ummmmm, that was in October Thea….) <— CRAZY, I know.

Feels good to be back.

I’m a wuss, or I’m smart… you decide!

I was supposed to run this morning.

I laid out all my clothes (and it is winter, so there were a lot of them.)

I was nervous.

I was scared.

The weather said it would be 0 degrees with a wind chill of -24 and a wind chill advisory.

In the middle of the night, I heard said “wind”. I was petrified. I opened one eye…. and turned off my 4:45AM alarm.

No run is worth frostbite.

I wish I had a treadmill. This winter is kicking my ass.

I got through a day

Part of getting back on track is taking accountability, and trying to figure out WHY I keep sabotaging myself.

I got through a day, sometimes the first day of eating well, and getting back on track is the hardest, because you can always say… meh… I can start tomorrow. Once I get through I day, the next day is easier.

This goes with me for long runs too. When I was doing my 20 mile run in preparation for October, I remember being at mile 15, and thinking… well… I can’t stop NOW- for kripes sake, I would have to do this all over again next week!

The goal: to drop 10 pounds- to PR.  NBD… should be easy right?

I think I will be down to my happy weight in just a few weeks, and running just gets easier for me at my happy weight.

Here’s to progress!

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

2015 has been nothing short of excuses for me so far.

This post is hard to write, but it is true. I have been WAY out of my running groove, to the tune of 10 miles of running a week, sometimes less. I have made excuse after excuse. I have eaten poorly, I have continued to drink too much.

You know what I have for all of that? I have disappointment. I am disappointed in myself, I am seriously missing higher (for me) mileage weeks, and how I felt when I was running them.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

I am writing this post to OWN UP to changing.

Today, I ran 5 miles on the treadmill. The snow (one excuse) has been relentless this year. I wanted to give it one more day after the Saturday-Sunday 11″ to feel better about running outside. I actually wanted to quit after 4  miles on the treadmill, but I kept going because I just KNEW I NEEDED to. I knew it deep deep deep down that I NEEDED to run.

I am aiming for 20 miles this week, mainly just to not hurt myself by jumping back in full throttle. I have been running, just not a TON.

After this week, I plan to maintain 5-6 days a week of running and getting back up to 40-50 miles a week. I have a half marathon scheduled for 3/8, but I am questioning if that race will actually happen with all of this snow. My next race after that is 4/26, which I am confidant will happen, and it will be my third time running. Last year, I accomplished my half marathon PR at this race (1:55), and I sincerely hope to stay on par with that, if not beat it. Even with all my slacking, if I do some good solid speed work and tempo runs, I should be able to get somewhere…..

So, here is to change, to accomplishments, to GOALS.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

My stride box came!

I will start this off by saying I have heard a TON of great things about stride box. They ship out regularly, the products they send are worth trying etc. I was psyched to give it a go.

I have tried nothing so far (HEY! it just came yesterday!) BUT, I am excited about all of it!

what did I get?!

A Picky Bar- non GMO, 200 calorie bar for before or after a run (for me it would likely be after since I don’t eat before)

Skratch Labs Apples and Cinnamon electrolyte hydration mix.

Chike high protein iced coffee- I didn’t even know something like this existed, and let me tell you, I can’t WAIT to try it!

Vitalyte chia surge gel

Joshua tree lip balm- ok, I like, I DID try something. My lips were beyond chapped yesterday and my little keeps stealing and ruining my lip balms. This was awesome.

Stridebox tech friendly running gloves- you can NEVER have too many!

The box was $15, and I really feel like I got my full value if not more. I will keep you updated on how I like the products. Now… if it would just stop snowing every other day so I could get some decent miles in……..

Want one? Get it Here: Stridebox

*this post was not sponsored by Stridebox, but I still think you should try it 🙂

Snow- the treadmill-more snow-and MORE snow

I don’t even know what to SAY at this point. I have had so many runs de-railed because of snow I can’t keep it all straight.

The first snow storm of the year didn’t hit until January, and it was a blizzard… and still we were all.. this is great!

snow pretty

Second storm…. arms still sore from shoveling- but happy to have shoveled because it wasn’t safe to run….

snow crazy

Third storm. WHAT THE FUCK- STOP SNOWING, don’t you know I have RACES to train for?

snow annoying

So… I had to run on the treadmill. I do have a gym membership, but it is 20 minutes from home (close to work) and I got it so I could do 10 minute weight training workouts during my lunch breaks. About those…. anyway- I have a short day Friday’s- so I ran 4.5 on the treadmill and did .50 intervals. Today I ran on the treadmill again, there is just not enough road out there right now with how MUCH snow we have received. I did 4 miles, one mile warm up at 5.5, then 6×1:.0 @ 7.9 with 2 minutes at 5.5 to recover, then another mile at 6.0 to cool down.

Intervals felt great, I am happy to have done them, I MISS being able to see the pavement, I can’t wait to have a regular running schedule again… or a full work week… or not have daycare closed…. or SUMMER.